Sound Familiar?


work burnout and Lack of time to rest and rejuvenate Has You Craving a Change But You Don’t Know How to Get off the treadmill


Dreams of writing a novel, starting a business, or taking an amazing trip are a few of the ambitions on Your Ever-growing bucket list


You’re Making Money, but somehow feel like You can’t Afford what you want today—you wonder, “What Is the Purpose of What I’m Doing?”

As we venture through our lives, it’s easy to follow the path paved by past generations: climb the career ladder, work until you’re 65, then retire. The truth is that, rather than being a road to success, this is a way to go through the motions on autopilot. It too often leads us to an inflection point where we realize we’re stuck in a rut and our real ambitions got lost somewhere along the way.


You work hard to earn a living— you should enjoy greater fulfillment too, right?!?

Living life to the fullest requires making our own choices before someone else makes them for us. Yet, our spending usually doesn’t reflect what we say is most important.

Motivated by the power of doing what matters, we came up with a better way to align personal finances with the freedom to pursue greater purpose. Then, we organized it all into an easy to implement system that gives real meaning to work-life balance and supports more rewarding relationships with the people and places around you.


We want to help others launch a slump-busting meaningful mini-retirement

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Our personalized workshop provides practical, actionable strategies that help you go wonder-fully outside your ordinary routine and chart the best financial path for you to get there.

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For change-seekers ready to transform the 9-to-5 grind and budget burnout

If you’re a mission-driven millennial or achievement-oriented head of household for your family, and you’re serious about making a change in your life to pursue something more rewarding, this program may be for you.

We help balance work life and money by focusing on meaningful mini-retirements for greater good. It’s a deep dive into your ambitions as well as your money mindset.

This is not a conventional model for financial freedom

Those who are looking for cookie-cutter ways to optimize your budget or highly technical tactics to shelter your assets, you won’t find what you want here.

This is a personal, challenging and sometimes messy process of deciding what’s most important for your limited resources and committing to doing things differently.


Motivation is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it

As your lifestyle design coaches helping you launch your mini-retirement, we walk you through the systems proven to work for ordinary people who want to do something extraordinary today. We know because we use them! These are the tools we’ve tested and improved through our experiences taking time away from traditional work to pursue our passions, capitalizing on mission-driven career changes, and connecting with greater purpose in our lives.

Individuality is essential (yet somehow lacking in traditional personal finance education). So, we take a collaborative approach without being judgmental of others’ goals or financial intelligence. Why? Because we’ve been through this ourselves, and we understand the stress and anxiety of struggling to find a work-life balance that works.

This 4-month intensive meaningful mini-retirement coaching is designed to kickstart a new approach to work-life balance and your pursuit of building greater purpose in your life. We’ll help you develop goals-based financial clarity so you can make decisions with confidence. In the process, you’ll get to the heart of what’s in your heart and translate that to financial fitness and greater wellbeing.


Each month is dedicated to achieving a specific milestone, tailored to your needs:

Month 1

mini-retirement blueprint

personalized goal-setting framework to align your time and money with your values
Month 2

idea to launch execution plan

breakdown goals into manageable steps that account for common obstacles and personal finances
Month 3

automation for goal achievement

set-up tools that make goal-tracking and cash flow management simply part of your lifestyle
Month 4

mini-retirement lifestyle hacks

ease financial stress with habits and methods that stretch your money further



accountability partnership

judgement-free motivation via routine check-ins and nurturing positive mindset

Every month of 1:1 coaching includes

  • Two 60-minute calls

  • Action items to help you stay on track to achieve your goals

  • Phone and email check-ins as needed

  • Judgement free communication and feedback

Make an investment that will change your life forever

Let's work together to forge a new path to rejuvenation and purpose, starting with your first mini-retirement!

$2997 or 4 payments of $775

Still not sure? Here’s a recap of some of what we’ll cover:

  • Formulating your personalized mini-retirement goals

  • Establishing timelines and financial targets for your goals

  • Tracking goals progress with simple and fun-to-use tools

  • Choosing the right technology to make your financial and goals management (mostly) effortless

  • Forming a healthy money mindset

  • Creating accountability that keeps you on track

  • Cash flow management that removes day-to-day decision fatigue

  • Financial hacks to boost your savings rate and extend your time outside of the workforce

  • A repeatable mini-retirement process that can help you create and transition to the lifestyle you desire for the long-term


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Our personalized workshop provides practical, actionable strategies that help you go wonder-fully outside your ordinary routine and chart the best financial path to get there.