last updated December 14, 2018


How would your life change if you

  • eliminated financial stress that holds you back;

  • replaced work exhaustion with energizing creativity;

  • felt that your efforts had meaningful impact on the people and places around you;

  • slowed down for personal and professional rejuvenation;

  • had a community of purpose-driven friends to share ideas and challenges with?

This is meaningful work-life balance and it’s possible now!

The good news is that you can navigate the road to fulfillment that you deserve without being a millionaire or having an ivy league degree. All you have to do is think a little bit differently than past generations about “success”.

This guide reframes the conversation around money, meaning, and happiness for ambitious mid-career mavericks who are searching for ways to have greater impact and balance in work and life:


It’s easy to get lulled into the typical American lifestyle: work more, spend more, and constantly strive for the next big thing. We’ve been trained to believe that having a bigger budget is always better but, once we get there, we realize that more money has diminishing influence on our happiness. By adjusting your money mindset and spending more on what matters most, you can have exponentially positive impacts on creating the financial freedom that you really want.


Facing the reality that what fills our days is not as fulfilling as it should be introduces a different gravity to lifestyle decisions. Once we realize that we’ve been preoccupied with unimportant details, it takes significant effort to cut through the distractions and connect with real personal and professional meaning. But, even in our increasingly frenzied world, it’s possible to tune out the daily noise and use our freedom to consistently prioritize what really matters.


Anticipating that happiness will be achieved once we get to that “next thing” is a common misconception that leads us to feeling burnt out and bummed out. Happiness for most of us peaks when we are immersed in an endeavor that supports our values and connects us with a like-minded community. In other words, happiness is not gained through acquisition, the joy is in the doing. Giving ourselves the freedom to try new things as part of a purpose-driven pursuit leads to more creativity and relationships that nurture a sense of overall satisfaction.

How We’re Balancing Money, Meaning and Happiness

Welcome! We’re Max and Brittany. It’s great to have you here. We started this community after more than a decade of hustling through our “normal lives” and eventually hitting a low-point where we struggled with stress and feeling too busy yet simultaneously bored and unsatisfied. After a series of perspective-changing family illnesses, we came to the startling realization that the comfort of our normal lives was actually what was holding us back.

Right in the middle of our careers, we uprooted our (mostly) successful routines to re-energize, find new inspiration, and think more critically about how to be happier while achieving greater meaning in life. We knew having skin in the game would force us to take calculated risks and make smart decisions in pursuit of purposeful work that earns enough income to keep us content while we live life to the fullest.

But, taking the road less traveled can be even more challenging if you feel like you’re traveling totally alone. The relief of a listening ear, the encouragement of someone who has been there before, and the inspiration of exchanging ideas are all important to feeling happy and fulfilled. That’s why we’re building this community to help traverse the status quo and navigate this purpose-driven pursuit, today and for the future.

This guide is designed for us to walk together along the journey to create meaningful work-life balance. Each section shares stories, studies and actionable tips for aligning money, meaning, and happiness.

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Table of Contents

01– Why We Get Stuck!


02– Fulfilling freedom.

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03– Aligning who You Are With What You Do.

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04– Connecting With Greater Purpose.

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05– Maintaining Balance.

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As you can see, we plan to cover a lot in the upcoming chapters. But the most meaningful question to answer for us is, “what topics interest you?” As you think through your transition to a more meaningful work-life balance, reach out and let us know what would be most helpful for you!