Most Valuable Resources


These are the resources we recommend most when people ask us how to beat their midlife slump. We use every recommendation on this page. There are literally thousands of available products, but these are the few that are crucial to getting to and living the unconventional lifestyles that we have today.


Personal Finance Planning and Management

Easy Budget Spending Tracker

The spreadsheet we use to make sure we stay on track with spending on the items that contribute more moments of joy in our lives. 

Now's the time to spend on your happiness! 



Our favorite app for categorizing spending from all of our financial transactions from our bank and credit card accounts. The app gets smarter as it learns your purchasing patterns so you can spend less time on day-to-day finances.

Personal Capital

We advocate for using separate products for spending and investing tracking because of the psychological benefits of not seeing your account balances all the time. This is the best product for investment accounts oversight that helps you to monitor progress, asset allocations, and more.


Banking and Credit Cards

Schwab High-Yield Checking

does not charge any foreign transaction fees and refunds all ATM transaction fees charged by 3rd party banks for debit card usage worldwide. They even expedited new cards to us in Tbilisi, Georgia when we inadvertently missed that the old cards were expiring at the end of the month.

Ally Savings

consistently one of the best savings account interest rates and they recently expedited the money transfer process. The super clean user interface and options for short-term money market savings with improved interest rates makes this any easy decision.

Chase Sapphire Credit Cards

both the Preferred and Reserve offer no foreign transaction fees, a host of benefits for travelers, and the best travel rewards programs of 2018


is remedying the notoriously confusing foreign exchange rates that other banks charge through transparency and guaranteed real money transfer rates. They are our go-to resource for transferring funds to people in a foreign currency. 


Travel Planning and Necessities

Geoarbitrage Analysis

Our spreadsheet to help you estimate the financial impact that different living locations will have on your cost of living. 

Enjoy a richer life for less—you deserve it!  

IMGlobal Health Insurance

choosing a global insurance provider is a pain in the rear— IM Global comes through with the only decent international health insurance that we've found for a reasonable price and still provides coverage in the USA.

Dashlane Online Security

passwords are used for everything and we just couldn't keep track of all of them without putting ourselves at security risk. So, now we use the best password manager around, and as an added bonus they provide a VPN to securely transmit information when on a public network.  


We're happy renters and AirBnB helps us to find great places all over the world. Hopefully they'll start offering loyalty rewards one day soon, but even without, it's hard not to recommend.


When we're not urban hiking, we're often in an Uber. They've made it easy for us to get to destinations all over the world without haggling and with the added confidence of accurate mapping. 

Coffee Making Goodness

You wouldn't believe how hard it can be to find a good cup of coffee on the road. That's why we bring our own brewing paraphernalia wherever we go. If you need a consistently solid cup'a joe to kickstart your morning, we suggest you don't leave it up to fate. 


We're borderline minimalists and don't care much for most of the specialty travel items on the market today. That being said, wool offers wrinkle-free, odor-resistant durability that we can't find anywhere else. It's expensive, but worth it.

An important disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, we will earn a commission. There is never any cost to you and often you will be rewarded with a sign-up bonus to put towards your financial independence journey. We recommend these resources because they are helpful and valuable, not because of the small commissions we make. We trust that you will not purchase any these products unless you feel they help you enjoy a richer life too.